Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Game 12: Astros at Nats, April 17, 2012

Gio Gonzalez tossed his first HOV-3 of 2012.
Getty Images/Greg Fiume
Gio Gonzalez had an impressive performance and earned his first win as a Nat, and Brad Lidge saved it for him.  The Nats spun another shutout in 2012 and beat the Astros 1-0.  For their efforts, the club improved to an astounding 9-3 and guaranteed that, once again, they would not lose a series.

Second Inning: It has been reported that the Nats’ starters are very competitive with one another.  If that is true, then Gonzalez did his best to keep up with Edwin Jackson.  After Jackson pitched the first HOV-3 by a starter three days prior, Gonzalez threw his own.  He sat down Chris Johnson, Travis Buck, and Chris Snyder to keep pace.

Third Inning: Gonzalez’s counterpart, Wandy Rodriguez, looked his way right onto K Street.

Fifth Inning: Gonzalez struck out Snyder for the second time.

Sixth Inning: Ex-Nat Justin Maxwell swung his way onto K Street.

Seventh Inning: Gonzalez tossed an HOV-2 by striking out Johnson and Buck, each for the second time.

Eighth Inning: Tyler Clippard struck out former teammate Maxwell to end the eighth.

  • Gonzalez tossed his first HOV-3.
  • Strikeouts in the game: 9.
  • Strikeouts in the 2012 season: 117.

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