Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Game 10: Reds at Nats, April 15, 2012

Series E-ZPass winner Drew Stubbs.
Getty Images/Rob Carr
The Nats were hard-luck losers on Jackie Robinson Day, the victims of some dubious calls early in the game.  They dropped the series finale 8-5 to the Reds to lower their record to 7-3.  Despite the loss, the pitching staff recorded double-digit Ks (not to mention the Ks that should have been).  The Traffic Report saw the congestion on K Street for the first time this season.

First Inning: Joey Votto got an early look at K Street when Ross Detwiler set him down in the first.

Fourth Inning: Detwiler fanned Jay Bruce to start the fourth.

Sixth Inning: Ryan Ludwick and Chris Heisey swung their way onto K Street to end the sixth and give Detwiler his first HOV-2 of the evening.

Seventh Inning: Detwiler fanned Scott Rolen to end the seventh.

Eighth Inning: Ryan Mattheus showed Bruce the sights and sounds of K Street for the second time of the night.

Ninth Inning: Brad Lidge loves to get in on the HOV action and tonight was no exception.  He sat down Zack Cozart and Rolen to earn an HOV-2.

Tenth Inning: Henry Rodriguez sat down Ludwick for the second time.

Eleventh Inning: Apparently two trips wasn’t enough.  Ludwick went down K Street once again, this time courtesy of Tyler Clippard.

Series E-ZPass: Drew Stubbs, with seven strikeouts against the Nats staff.

  • Ludwick became a co-leader on the single-game E-ZPass list by striking out three times.
  • Traffic Report in-person 2012 record: 0-1.
  • Strikeouts in the game: 10.
  • Strikeouts in the 2012 season: 98.

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