Saturday, April 28, 2012

Welcome to the K Street Traffic Report

K Street, between the batter's box and the opponent's dugout.
Welcome to the K Street Traffic Report!  The Traffic Report is dedicated to tracking the congestion on K Street, that well-worn path between the batter’s box and the Nats’ opponents’ dugout.  K Street isn’t some sleepy country lane.  Thanks to the Nats’ pitching staff, it has become a hustling, bustling thoroughfare, the busiest expressway in the majors.

K Street has become so busy that the Nats’ pitchers have found it necessary to add express lanes.  Sometimes it just isn’t enough to strike out one batter per inning.  When a Nats pitcher strikes out two batters in an inning, the Traffic Report will award him an HOV-2.  When a pitcher strikes out the side, he gets an HOV-3.

The Traffic Report will also track those batters who visit K Street most often.  Since these batters use K Street the most, they will receive E-ZPasses.  The Traffic Report will award E-ZPasses to the batter who uses K Street most often in every series, as well as the batter who visits most in a single game and over the course of the 2012 season.

Thanks for visiting the Traffic Report.  Go Nats!

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