Saturday, April 28, 2012

Game 4: Nats at Mets, April 9, 2012

Edwin Jackson starts his season with two HOV-2s.
Getty Images/Jim McIsaac
After winning their series against the Chicago Cubs, the Nats moved on to New York to face off with the Mets.  Alas, the Mets struck first and won the series opener 4-3, dropping the Nats to 2-2.  Edwin Jackson got the start, but Henry Rodriguez took the loss when the Mets’ Daniel Murphy hit a walk-off single.  Ex-Nat and tattoo enthusiast Jon Rauch picked up the win.

First Inning: Jackson started strongly by earning an HOV-2 in the first inning of his Nats’ debut when he struck out Ike Davis and Jason Bay.

Second Inning: Jackson sent Kirk Nieuwenhuis down K Street.

Fourth Inning: Bay went down swinging for the second time.

Fifth Inning: Jackson earned his second HOV-2 of the day by striking out Ruben Tejada and David Wright.

Eighth Inning: Rodriguez struck out the first batter he faced, pinch hitter Scott Hairston.

  • Strikeouts in the game: 7.
  • Strikeouts in the 2012 season: 32.

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